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  • Triin Viilvere

Batch #2 startups rocking climate tech

Batch #2 onboarding week is over and since it came with a big bang we needed a day to get some rest and rock on! I assure you that the world is soon much cleaner with these 10 superstar teams from the walks of material tech, agricultural innovation, novel foods, bio-resources innovation and carbon removal:

Meet our Batch #2

Koffeco (LV) - They create sustainable and eco-friendly products from spent coffee grounds.

NUOTWO (HR) - Smart active panels that cut carbon footprint

enzymity (LV) - Bio-platform for true plastics circulatiry

Got Foods (LV) - Pea-based dairy alternatives

äio tech (EST) - Designing microbes for sustainable food production

Smobya (EST) - Building quality material for the future of fashion

agrieye (EST) - AI-based remote sensing products for agriculture

MicroX Labs (USA) - Fast analysis of microplastics and bacteria in water

Fauna Smart Technologies (DK) - Plant immunity tracker to help farmers transition to greener, healthier and more efficient farming practices

Trashify (EST) - A technical solution to address everyday recycling contamination by leveraging AI to pre-sort trash

Btw, only 1 team is located in Estonia to date, but since Estonia is a place to be for startups, they're soon walking the walk in here.

There's another 3 months when Beamline's team is in a daily rollercoaster with them, but you also have a change to see them twice on stage - during their demo day @Latitude59 and also at the pitching stage of the same unicorn conference. Plus many more contests from all over the world since the quality of the companies and the problems they solve will lead them to conquer hundreds of stages!

Being a cleantech accelerator to the core, our team and the excellent mentor pool is looking to make climate tech innovation the new black. We do it by a very personalised approach to each and every one of the teams.


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