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  • Aneth Tinnus

Ladies & gents, freshly baked Beamline batch #3 is here

The Beamline's edition of the wall of fame has just got new stars ⭐️! And as we already know that they will shine bright, we want our Beamline’s friends also to get to know our new portfolio startups a bit better.

Previously, we have set the specific topics of the batches, for example, energy and smart cities in batch #1 or novel materials, agriculture, CO2 offsetting and bioresources in batch #2, but with this freshly baked batch the world of cleantech is much broader - it’s the generic cleantech. 🚀 Our top 10 from this time are from sustainable packaging to environmental impact measuring.

Meet our batch #3!

Ari Care (Estonia) - Powder + tap water production technology that changes the way everyday products, such as liquid soaps, shower gels and cleaning products, are produced.

S. Lab (Ukraine-Estonia) - Creates sustainable solutions for the packaging industry using only two plant-based components: hemp and mycelium. Natural replacement of polystyrene.

XVentum (Germany) - Ideal digital decision-making system that allows executives to track and optimize renewable energy assets in the project development stage accurately and intelligently. (Argentina) - A modular system based on ultrafast pulsed plasma (UFPP) technology that captures, sequesters and converts gases in the atmosphere into pure oxygen, carbon and green hydrogen.

Inion Software (Lithuania) - Develops solutions for PV plant installers, maintenance companies and owners to monitor and control PV plants.

The Good Goal (Spain) - B2B SaaS that improves sustainable habits and measures the environmental impact of people and organisations through gamification.

Renewcast (Italy) - AI-based renewable power generation forecasting SaaS service.

Hortee (Portugal) - The SaaS exchange platform to buy and sell fresh food within local communities, globally connected.

The Rewear Company (Estonia) - Builds a circular rental marketplace for kidswear that will reduce the environmental impact of clothes by up to 80%.

SpaceCrop (Hungary) - SpaceCrop uses satellite data and machine learning to predict soil water needs.

Is the future 🦄 in one of them? Time will show, but the potential to fly to the stars is high! In the upcoming 3 months we’re going to have a true Beamline rollercoaster with them - workshops and mentoring sessions with a very personalized approach to each and every one of the team. You’ll have the greatest opportunity to also see them pitching at the end of the program in January.

Beamline Accelerator is from the land of the unicorns, ​a topic-focused accelerator, where we offer a tailor-made approach to each startup, delivering services and networks to fuel organic growth.


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