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  • Erki Ani

Our Batch 1 startups 💖 (+ Demo Day video)

2021 has been unprecedented for European cleantech. Take for example the numbers of investments into cleantech startups across EU:

EU Cleantech Seed, Series A, Series B & Growth equity investments, 2017-2021
Source: Cleantech group
EU total seed, venture & growth investments in cleantech, 2017-2021
Source: Cleantech Group

Surely, this spike in the Q2 this year was due to a couple of megadeals, but that definitely indicates the trend that the second generation of cleantech startups is getting more mature (the 'cleantech 2.0' started off in 2014-2015 and while these often hardware-development-related companies require a bit more time for scaling, we’re now seeing those innovators reaching their scale).

Policy regulations are another driver of innovation in EU.

These are giving opportunities for visionary Founders to seek solutions to problems that tackle climate change. With an enormous emphasis on innovation in sustainability and a huge demand for those technologies by all sectors of the economy, VC’s that might not have been looking at cleantech or hardware as sexy enough, are now jumping on the train of this megatrend today. That in turn releases the private capital so crucial for scaling rather research-based startups, backed by nations’ future goals and public funding leverage.

To stay at the top of cleantech innovation, we need to...

... find ways to accelerate every high-potential idea that we got here in our continent with a quarter-million inhabitants. Beamline is one such something.

With this post, I just wanted to give a warm thank you for our 1st Batch that was far more advanced than we could ever have thought of! Some of them are raising their massive seed rounds now already! (Since this was the new thing for us as well we went with 4 of the most promising startups.)

So, the pioneering statups of our Batch 1 are 🥁🥁🥁

Beast’s Founder Anna-Maria Mikaberidze is the next up in all those F30 under 30 and other TOP lists you could imagine. She has the traits of the best Founders we’ve met and as the most important assessment criteria in every decent accelerator - Gut Feeling - scores high on every organ. As the potential of EV’s deployment is very much in baby’s shoes today, Beast is taking matters into its hands to show what the future will look like, starting off with luxury EV’s and their owners to feed ever more the uptake of those buzzing 4-wheelers.

Naco, probably the next deep tech unicorn in a couple of years, coming to us from the hydrogen sector. They’re in fact developing nanocoating materials that would enable ditching those noble metals typically necessary for hydrogen production. Aleksandrs Parfinovics, the Founder has proven us he is up to the game with large players, leaving no door un-knocked until gets what he wants from his future partners and customers.

Naco Technologies

Sol Navitas showed us that solar energy can do more than simply provide electricity to our homes and industry. As quality indoor climate today and in the future is a growing necessity and requires intelligence and engineering, this team is on it. Margus Kullerkupp as the Founder with hands tied 24/7 in various development processes indicates to us the Strong Survivor by fighting in many segments to find the ideal market fit.

HelioRec has understood the problem of land scarcity and the potential of the seven seas. They’re building top-notch certified solar parks on waters, providing grounds for biodiversity both by leaving scarce land untouched and enabling waterlife to be calm grounds for life. Moving quickly with several pilot plants installed, there is no storm that could make them stop. Its Founder Polina Vasilenko, yet another powerful character, has left only excellent impressions. She already hits those TOP lists and makes it to the top with science in hand. We’re pretty darn sure there’s a) a lot to learn from her and b) she for sure will make It across the seven seas.

This was a hell of a ride with you, guys!

You all impressed with your pitches in the most positive way during demo day. Readers, check out just how 😎 Beast, HelioRec, Naco & SolNavitas are with their all in founders, cause we made a sneak-peak video about the demo day. Watch it 👇👇👇


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