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For our partners, mentors & co-thinkers! Beamline Accelerator x

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One of the missions of Beamline Accelerator is to create an ecosystem of cleantech in Europe and even further. As we are a big-time community-led brand together with our investors, mentors and startups, we’ve found one of the best ways to thank and reward our community.

How Beamline rewards its community?

We are now sharing our future – by offering our community a stake in Beamline Accelerator. This is all possible thanks to the new superstar in da hood - the platform

Many businesses rely on their communities and customers' commitment in their journey to success. KOOS puts communities at the centre and allows businesses to easily reward them with virtual shares for their input with stakes that are equity-linked. This means that the business is linked to the activity level of the community – so when the community is more engaged, the business grows and for appraising the clients for that success a company can turn the initial investment of time and energy into a real financial return for a client.

To make it even more clear to you, we asked a couple of explaining questions from product marketer Liine Jänes.

Why was KOOS founded?

“We believe that in time KOOS will contribute to a more equitable distribution of business wealth. In time, people may only choose to support, recommend, and buy from businesses that they have a stake in – brands whose success they are invested in, and who they are aligned with ethically,” said Liine.

But she shared that KOOS was founded because it just makes sense that everyone who contributes to the company's success also gets a share in that success. A diverse community – early adopters, customers, fans, advisors, supporters, etc. – contributes to a company’s growth daily. As a result, they should be able to get a “part of the success” they contributed to, because without them the company wouldn’t have grown like this.

Liine referred that “with KOOS, these virtual shares can be earned (and owned) by anyone who supports a business, not just a small group of shareholders.” As returns are related to each person's contribution to the business’s success.

“It’s a win-win.” Businesses gain from the energy and effectiveness of invested communities delivering valuable growth. And communities gain from the opportunities and returns that come from having a real stake in a business’s success.

What kind of value do the people in the Beamline community get who receive KOOS virtual shares?

People who receive virtual shares from the Beamline WonderFam program will be a part of the Beamline community. “KOOS helps to create the program on our platform so that Beamline can reward its community and share its success when the set goals have been met. So we help Beamline to record and remember good deeds from people who help Beamline to grow,” described product marketer Liine Jänes the Beamline x partnership.

Beamline WonderFam: what it is and for who it is?

Beamline Wonderfam. This is how we named our Beamline Accelerator’s program via Our community of co-thinkers and gurus are mainly good friends of Beamline, mentors, partners and cleantech investors. We appreciate our community like family, this is one side of the name. As wonderful /ˈwʌndəf(ʊ)l/ means inspiring delight, extremely good and marvellous, this is the best adjective to describe the people who are part of Beamline community. Putting these two together, the one and only logical way is the name WonderFam.

Simply put: every sincere act, intro, meeting etc that helps Beamline to grow is worth a ton for us and this is the time when WonderFam virtual share kicks in for their effort. WonderFam virtual share is a thank you to all the mentors, gurus and co-thinkers who are always there for us to back the companies the future relies on.

Beamline Accelerator is from the land of the unicorns, ​a topic-focused accelerator, where we offer a tailor-made approach to each startup, delivering services and networks to fuel organic growth.


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