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Beamline becoming the hub representing EIT InnoEnergy in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia

Beamline Accelerator is proud to announce its designation as an EIT InnoEnergy Hub, extending its impact and professional network to the Baltic region, covering Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. This significant development marks a new chapter in Beamline's commitment to fostering sustainable energy solutions and supporting the burgeoning cleantech sector in the Baltics.

"This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us and for the entire Baltic region's energy sector. By becoming an EIT InnoEnergy Hub, we are at the forefront of connecting energy startups with major European corporations and investors. Our mission is to generate sustainable energy innovations and drive impactful progress towards a greener future. We are committed to fostering a vibrant ecosystem where startups can thrive, innovate, and contribute to the global energy transition," says Jana Budkovskaja, CEO of Beamline
Jana Budkovskaja and Szymon Kwiatkowski

As an EIT InnoEnergy Hub, Beamline is focusing on supporting energy startups in connecting with major European corporations for partnership opportunities, and in attracting vital investments. EIT Innoenergy, one of the biggest startup investors in their field, was so far not directly represented in Baltics. This initiative will leverage Beamline's vast experience and established network in the cleantech domain, aligning with EIT InnoEnergy's mission of accelerating sustainable energy innovations.

In addition to facilitating partnerships and investments, Beamline will coordinate with local partners to disseminate information about the opportunities offered by EIT InnoEnergy. This initiative underscores Beamline's dedication to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship within the energy sector, contributing significantly to the region's transition to sustainable energy practices. Beamline's role as an EIT InnoEnergy Hub is to create a dynamic ecosystem for energy startups, offering them unparalleled access to resources, expertise, and networks essential for their growth and success. About Beamline: Beamline Accelerator, a prominent cleantech startup accelerator based in Estonia, has established a remarkable track record in the startup ecosystem. Known for its support, mentoring program and investments to early-stage startups, Beamline has successfully accelerated 30 startups since 2021. These startups have collectively attracted more than 22M€ of follow-on investments, demonstrating Beamline's effectiveness in nurturing innovativeness and contributing to the cleantech landscape. The accelerator's current batch’s focus on resource efficiency, new materials and green chemistry aligns with global sustainability goals, positioning it as a key player in the transition to a greener economy. About EIT InnoEnergy: EIT InnoEnergy operates at the center of the energy transition and is the leading innovation engine in sustainable energy. It brings the technology, business model innovation and skills required to accelerate the green deal, progress towards Europe’s decarbonisation and re-industrialisation goals, whilst also improving energy security.

Ranked as the most active investor in the energy sector in 2022 by Pitchbook, named in 2023 as one of Europe's top 10 most active deeptech investors by Sifted, and recognised in 2022 as Europe’s leading impact investor in cleantech by Startup Genome, InnoEnergy backs innovations across a range of areas. These include energy storage, transport and mobility, renewables, energy efficiency, hard to abate industries, smart grids and sustainable buildings and cities.

InnoEnergy has a portfolio of more than 200 companies, which are estimated to generate €110 billion in revenue and save 2.1G tonnes of CO2e accumulatively by 2030. Collectively, these companies have raised more than €9.7 billion in investment to date.


InnoEnergy is the driving force behind three strategic European initiatives which include the European Battery Alliance (EBA), the European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC) and the European Solar Photovoltaic Industry Alliance (ESIA).

InnoEnergy was established in 2010 and is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. Since its inception, InnoEnergy has screened more than 7,000 start-ups, launched more than 300 products to market and overseen its portfolio companies filing 370+ patents. Today, InnoEnergy has a trusted ecosystem of 1200+ partners and 35 shareholders and a 200+ strong team with offices across Europe and in Boston, US.


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