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Cleantech | Deeptech Focus program to be at the forefront of sustainable innovations

Elevating Deeptech Startups


Welcome to 
CLEANTECH | Deeptech FOCUS Batch

"By 2023, cleantech market could surpass the value of oil market, rising from $122 billion to $870 billion."

Beamline Accelerator Deeptech Program is empowering science-based startups in cleantech, that are incorporated in Estonia. Our primary focus areas include new materials, resource efficiency, and green chemistry. We offer non-dilutive support with product and business development services worth up to 100,000 euros to drive the success of these innovative ventures.


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Here you can see startups that have entered the Cleantech | Deeptech Focus program.


A cutting-edge green chemistry of micro-algal bio-fertilizer which offers a holistic solution to combat food insecurity, climate change and enhance soil productivity.


FUNKI revolutionizes protein production using fungi, offering delicious, sustainable alternatives.


We produce patented photocatalytic nanomaterials to purify the air from smog and reduce disease transmission and food waste.


Revolutionizing soil health analytics with lab-accuracy soil analysis on the spot, 10X cheaper than competitors.


Vetik is developing seaweed based biostimulants for agriculture to enhance plant growth in a sustainable and greener way.


Clyza is developing a sustainable low-cost silicon carbide growth solution for the semiconductor industry.


We make Concentrated Solar Power at least 25% more efficient.


Nanotechnology-based water filters that extract heavy metals from well water to solve pollution, water purification and energy crisis.


Green hydrogen production unit reducing the cost of H2 production 2x.


We help Renewable Independent Power Producers in Central Europe and the Nordics in reducing their battery energy storage system operating costs by up to 40%.


Carbon negative building materials from mushroom mycelium and industrial leftovers.


Enabling green solution for energy management and storage.


SUTU is developing material for thin film manufacturing to help card producers lower their product footprint 13X by using a reed plant.

While sustainability has become a strategic agenda for companies and investors across sectors, cleantech has yet to cross the chasm. That’s why the focus of the sector is to fill the innovation gap and speed up the adoption of science-based solutions.


As the green transition continues to pick up steam, the cleantech market is entering more rapid growth in the year to come. The opportunities for the startups are vast, as well as are the challenges: differing state regulations, price volatility, or the increasing complexity of the cleantech ecosystem. More than ever, success depends on a thorough understanding of the technologies, operations, and market forces at play.

The mission of Beamline's Deeptech program is to empower science-based cleantech entrepreneurs who are playing a crucial role in the European Union's goal of transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. 

Beamline Accelerator's "Cleantech | Deeptech Focus" acceleration program is supported by Environmental Investment Centre (KIK) within the framework of the Estonian recovery plan from the European Union's Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF) and is aimed at implementing green technology development programs.



2-months pre-acceleration support to guide teams applying to the acceleration program with mentoring and networking

Beamline Alumni Community program

We take up to 12 startups with soft or/and hardware solutions

Tailored acceleration and multiple intros with corporates and industries

Up to €100,000 non-dilutive support as individual product and business development services

Participation in relevant startup events

4-months intensive program with 4 months extra program for the most potential teams

Beamline Accelerator’s emphasis on mentoring and technical assistance ensures that startups receive the support required to overcome obstacles and refine their groundbreaking ideas.

Goals of the program


Facilitating collaborative ecosystems


Empowering regulatory navigation: With an in-depth understanding of compliance requirements and market-specific regulations, we guide startups through the complex regulations’ landscape, ensuring smooth market entry and successful product deployment.


Catalyzing technical Advancements: we expedite the journey from prototype to scalable product through product management excellence and academic collaborations


Building Industry partnership: we bridge the gap between visionary ideas and real-world applications by facilitating collaborations, pilots, and market feedback.


Unlocking access to Capital: With a vast network of investors and strategic partners, we open doors to both equity and non-dilutive funding opportunities.


Fostering a sustainable future

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We are looking
for the teams:


Developing science-based solutions in cleantech and focusing on new materials, resource efficiency and green chemistry


Has a prototype tested in the lab or relevant environment


Either currently fundraising or planning to start fundraising within 6-12 upcoming months


Registered or incorporated in Estonia


Dedicated team with at least 2 founders

The selection to the program

Image by Mario Gogh

Apply for participation before the 30th of Nov midnight

Introductory interview

Pitch your solution in the Baltic Sustainability Awards stage in Riga

Follow-up interview with a program expert

Pre-selection by Selection Committee on the 26th of January 2024

Composing of the development roadmaps

(TRL grow, DNSH, GHG strategy, investor-readiness plan)

Onboarding week 19-23rd of February 2024

Confirmation by the Board

Contract signing

Council of the program

The Council plays a pivotal role in evaluating and providing recommendations on companies and their products or services, ensuring transparency and accountability in the process


Argo Peepson

Regionaal- ja Põllumajandusministeerium


Kristel Reim

Haridus- ja Teadusministeerium


Laura Gredzens

Keskkonnainvesteeringute keskus


Aire Rihe



Henrik Kutberg  

Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium

The deeptech/cleantech focused acceleration program is supported by Environmental Investment Centre (KIK) within the framework of the Estonian recovery plan from the European Union's Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF) and are aimed at implementing green technology development programs.





6th of Dec ‘23 - 26th of Jan ‘24

You will be having interviews, networking, pitching and mentoring - it’s time for THE startup & Beamline to find a mutual match

30th of Oct - 30th of Nov

Pre-selection of applicants will be invited to the pre-acceleration program


2nd - 6th of Feb ‘24

2nd of Feb: Pre-Accelerator startups will have a Demo Day
6th of Feb: Selected startups will be invited to the accelerator program


19th - 23rd of Feb ‘24

Kick-start to the program → Startups will have an official week with mentors. It will also be a time for Preparation and approval of development plans for the whole program


19th of April -  19th of October ‘24

Product development and Business Model and Investment Attraction Strategy activities + networking, events and pitching


19th of September ‘24


 1st of Nov ‘24 - 30th of June '25

Teams are encouraged to apply for additional services by the acceleration program. The selected ones will be supported with additional services


1st of Nov ‘24 - ♾️

Jana Budkovskaja

CEO of Beamline Accelerator

"At Beamline Accelerator, we recognize that many niches within Cleantech are deeply rooted in Deeptech. That's why we've tailored this program with a specific focus on Deeptech. We're not just fostering startups; we're sculpting the future of sustainability. Every innovation we nurture, every entrepreneur we mentor, is a step closer to a greener tomorrow. Passion and purpose are our guiding stars in this transformative journey."

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