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Novel materials’ companies are starting their journey in Beamline Deeptech batch

The initiative of KIK / Ministry of Climate marks a significant milestone in Estonia's commitment to fostering innovation within the cleantech sector, emphasizing the importance of science-based solutions in addressing global environmental challenges. Teams entering the program are creating a wide variety of the cleantech solutions: from combating food insecurity by lab-food or bio-fertilizers to revolutionizing energy storage and management, the participating startups embody the program's mission to address critical environmental issues through cutting-edge technology. Almost one million euro will be tunneled to support the teams in green chemistry and sustainable resources focus.

Kristen Michal
“Mitigating climate change requires new technological solutions. New clean technologies also create the preconditions for Estonia’s economic growth. This cleantech accelerator will help to test solutions and bring them to the market in those areas where we see Estonia’s competitive advantage in the discussions on the Climate Law” said Kristen Michal, Minister of Climate of the Republic of Estonia.

A pivotal aspect of the program is the fostering of deep connections between startups, industry mentors, and the broader cleantech community. That's why the first step as a kickstarter of the program was so called an Onboarding Week in Tallinn, to include the teams into Estonian cleantech and startup communities. Teams got a chance to meet with local mentors and investors, media and field experts - Lemonade Stand, 2C Ventures, Sunly Future Ventures, EstBAN members, Äio Tech, if just to name some of the guests. These relationships not only enrich the entrepreneurial journey but also ensure the ventures are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the market and environmental challenges. Engagements with leading figures from the Estonian e-Residency, SmartCap, joint organization of KredEx and Enterprise Estonia among others, underscore the collaborative spirit that defines the experience that startups get from the program of Beamline Accelerator. 

Mary Boryslawska - Enzum
Mary Boryslawska, founder of Enzum, program participant:
"We're thrilled to be part of the Beamline accelerator. The networking opportunities have already been immensely helpful, excited to see how Enzum will turn these new tools into something groundbreaking."

Erki Ani
Erki Ani, General Partner at Sunly Future Ventures:
"Beamline has really achieved the high deeptech cleantech level in its new Batch with the startups. It was mesmerizing to meet the frontrunners in their early stages of development and see the spark in their eyes while envisioning the future, which is what Sunly Future Ventures is looking for in impactful startups the most. I am looking forward to keeping track of the progress and outcomes of the startups to keep the region's growth in cleantech growing at a much-needed pace." 

At the heart of the program is the vision to empower startups specializing in new materials, resource efficiency, and green chemistry. Through comprehensive support, the Beamline Accelerator’s Deeptech Program offers non-dilutive funding for product and business development services valued at up to €100,000 per startup. This unparalleled support aims to accelerate the growth and success of participating ventures, driving them towards significant milestones in technology readiness and investment attraction.

Jana Budkovskaja, CEO at Beamline
Jana Budkovskaja, CEO at Beamline Accelerator:
"We are incredibly proud to see our state's commitment to science-intensive technologies, showcasing a willingness to support such startups. Entrusting Beamline Accelerator as a reliable partner in this journey is a testament to the faith in our ability to foster groundbreaking innovations. This collaboration not only empowers us but also underscores the vital importance of pioneering technologies in shaping a sustainable future."

The Beamline Accelerator’s Deeptech Program is supported by the KIK (Environmental Investment Centre) under the Estonian recovery plan, funded by the European Union's Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF). This initiative is showing Estonia's proactive approach to green technology development, with oversight from an advisory council comprising esteemed figures from the Estonian Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture, Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Climate, and more, ensuring the program's alignment with national and environmental goals.

Beamline Deeptech Batch

Deeptech batch participants & mentors during Startup-Mentor Speed dating, Feb 2024

As the program progresses towards its culmination at the end of 2024, the anticipation for the impact these startups will make in their respective fields and the broader environmental landscape continues to grow. Beamline Accelerator remains committed to supporting these ventures every step of the way, paving the path towards a cleaner, greener future.


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