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Beamline Accelerator’s New Managing Partner is Jana Budkovskaja

Beamline Accelerator, a prominent front-runner in cleantech investments, proudly announces Jana Budkovskaja as its new Managing Partner.

Jana Budkovskaja, renowned for her leadership at Prototron – Estonia's premier non-dilutive early-stage tech ideas fund – brings with her an impressive track record of nurturing groundbreaking innovations. Prototron funded 98 teams with 1.3 million EUR, and those teams subsequently generated a whopping 35 million EUR in revenue in 2022 alone.

Beamline's commitment to cleantech, sustainability, and visionary founders is closely aligned with Jana's personal journey and professional ethos. Having pioneered projects even before the term 'cleantech' was coined, Jana's experience with innovative heating systems, boiler houses, and infrastructure development for innovation makes her a perfect fit for the accelerator. Her remarkable ability to identify potential in startups, as demonstrated by her early belief in now-successful companies, will be useful for Beamline's future trajectory.

Jana Budkovskaja - Managing Partner & CEO of Beamline Accelerator | Photo: Maksim Toome

Beamline Accelerator, apart from investments, is equally about reinforcing its commitment to diversity and change. The accelerator has a distinguished record of investing in 95 early-stage startups from 17 different countries, with a ratio of 46% female or gender-balanced teams, and a proven investment of 46x as follow-on investments. In this way, Beamline is proving that cleantech as increasing investment vertical and diverse teams are keys for success.

Speaking about joining Beamline Accelerator Jana Budkovskaja stated, "The journey from 'nothing' to making impactful changes requires not just data and goodwill but also resources. I've experienced this journey and have witnessed its power in reshaping sectors. At Beamline, we'll channel these resources to drive cleantech innovation, support visionary founders, and build a sustainable future."

Beamline Accelerator stands at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, dedicated to promoting cleantech, greentech, climate tech, and sustainability. With investments in 95 companies to date and unique competence in hardware, Beamline prides itself on making a tangible impact in the world while fostering a strong sense of community and network.

Beamline Accelerator is from the land of the unicorns, ​a topic-focused accelerator, where we offer a tailor-made approach to each startup, delivering services and networks to fuel organic growth.


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