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How is The Good Goal changing the way of measuring employees' environmental footprint?

Interview with Nadia de la Fuente, Co-Founder of The Good Goal

Let us introduce you to The Good Goal from our Batch #3 🚀

The Good Goal builds gamified technology to care for the planet. They measure and promote the participation of people, companies and organizations to improve their environmental impact through cultural transformation. They have over 90.000+ app downloads in the B2C, they're moving more into the B2B direction while currently having 7 clients in this sector. And the coolest fact about The Good Goal: it has three badass Spanish female founders! 🦸‍♀️

Nadia de la Fuente (COO & Co-Founder), Nerea Mendinueta (CEO & Co-Founder), Nicole Flamarique (CMO & Co-Founder)

Since there’s no way we can reach net zero without lowering the emissions from individuals, they are helping to do just that - let people use creative ways to lower consumption without giving up on anything really. Since launching The Good Goal App, they have been able to generate remarkable CO2 savings: 11,516,189.32 kg CO2, which is equivalent to 4729 roundtrip flights from Madrid-NY 1 person, 420 years illuminating the Eiffel Tower, and 67.742 trees absorbing CO2 during a year.

Let’s hear out what makes them special aka we asked some questions from Nadia de la Fuente, Co-Founder of The Good Goal.

What are the problems that your startup helps to solve? And what is the solution? Organizations have the need and responsibility to adhere to the global commitment of the 2030 agenda and to be Carbon neutral by 2050. This requires, in addition to policies to reduce emissions in their production processes, a transversal cultural transformation that facilitates and promotes the achievement of these objectives. The Good Goal was created with the purpose of promoting the involvement of people and organizations in the context of the current climate emergency,” explains Nadia.

🌍 The Good Goal’s SaaS solutions help organizations to integrate sustainability into their corporate strategy by involving their employees and collaborators through a gamified application that promotes this cultural transformation by improving people's sustainable habits through gamification and has a positive impact calculator backed by the scientific community that measures in real-time the savings in CO2, water and waste generated. On the other hand, all the activity collected through the application is centralised in a dashboard through which the organization can see in real-time metrics of the progress of the action and the impact and savings that are being achieved.

Dashboard of The Good Gaol platform

What is your main goal in life?

As simple as that, Nadia's answer comes easily: "Create products or services that reduce people's environmental impact and care for the environment and people's health."

What is the biggest value you got from Beamline Accelerator?

The community of beautiful people who have helped us achieve our quarterly goals, and the community of entrepreneurs with whom we have been able to share learning experiences.

If you could choose one superpower what would it be?

To be able to learn any skill in a matter of seconds, such as languages, playing instruments, learning finance, etc. It would be an undisputed help to take my professional career and daily life to a higher level of understanding and independence. Also being able to teleport anywhere at any time, although that's a classic.

What was your experience with Beamline Accelerator?

Meeting the Beamline team has been an indescribable opportunity. A very close human team and always willing to help with anything we needed. Our startup buddy Aneth was always attentive and was a fundamental support from the beginning for us within the acceleration program.

The weekly workshops and sessions with the mentors were very instructive, and also opened up opportunities with potential clients.

In addition, despite the fact that the Beamline team is from a Nordic country, they knew how to finish each trip we startups made to Estonia with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. The Karaoke nights were one of the highlights of the acceleration program, without a doubt! 💃

The Good Goal app view - different environmental aspects like "waste", "consumption", "transportation"

Would you like to say anything else about the journey of the accelerator program?

I would have liked it to last longer, I am not ready to say goodbye to such a beautiful community of people. Together we have built something great, and I am sure that soon we will meet again because this was just the beginning of a journey together!

⭐ If you’d like to know more about this superstar environmental platform - check out The Good Goal website here or download The Good Goal app from Apple Store or Google Play.

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