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Idea Jungle @ I Land Sound

Beamline Accelerator x I Land Sound Festival is thrilled to announce the launch of Idea Jungle, a pioneering mini-acceleration program aimed at transforming eco-conscious ideas into viable solutions. 

Idea Jungle invites innovators and environmental enthusiasts to participate in a unique two-day event combining intense mentoring with a creative pitch competition. This initiative is designed not only to foster the development of groundbreaking ideas but also to provide a platform for these ideas to be heard and supported.

Day 1: Intense Mentoring Session (July 19) – Participants will work closely with experienced professionals from the fields of sustainability and entrepreneurship, refining their concepts and preparing for the competition.

Day 2: Pitch as a Performance (July 20) – Innovators will present their ideas aiming to draw attention to important issues and secure support from the audience and a panel of expert judges.

This event is designed to assist individuals interested in helping the planet by finding like-minded people, providing knowledge on developing their ideas, sharing their green initiatives with others, and also offering a chance to win tickets to the next I Land Sound festival.

We welcome all individuals passionate about making a tangible environmental impact through innovative thinking and collective action. Let’s innovate, pitch, and make a lasting impact together! 🌿 To participate in Idea Jungle, register your idea HERE. 🌿

About Beamline Accelerator

Beamline Accelerator is a renowned cleantech startup accelerator focused on nurturing innovative solutions that address environmental challenges. Partnering with I Land Sound enhances our shared vision of promoting sustainable development through impactful entrepreneurship.

More info can be found on the I Land Sound program page HERE.


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