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  • Aneth Tinnus

It’s a climate tech race! 💚 Who’s winning?

Beamline Accelerator has been brought to life to meet the needs of the market – there is a sudden growth in the number of cleantech startups! As a topic-focused accelerator, we offer a tailor-made approach to each start-up, delivering services and networks to fuel organic growth. Before digging into our batch #2 startup future-defining solutions, let’s have a look at the situation we currently have in Europe’s cleantech! 🌍

What’s been cooking in climate tech in Q1 2022?

European cleantech deal volume is rising with every quarter, driven by late-stage investments. More than €3.6 billion were invested in EU cleantech venture capital in Q1 2022 and energy independence is now the most important theme in EU policymaking.

Resource: Cleantech for Europe, Q1 2022 report

Electrification and increased autonomy of transport and logistics remained strong, with 38% of VC investments in Q1. Also, circular business models are attracting massive funding rounds, especially recycling and refurbishment of electronics. Large investment rounds took place in hydrogen production, energy storage energy efficiency.

These data and graphs convince investors that NOW is the ultimate time to go #green!

Resource: Cleantech for Europe, Q1 2022 report

End of the accelerator program = beginning of the (rollercoaster) life for the startup 🚀

Our batch #2 accelerator’s journey will soon come to an end. But as it’s known…post-accelerator life is only the beginning for the startup that knows the solutions to problems that the Earth faces for decades to come.

In May, we had the coolest Dealflow Party aka Demo Day (side event of Latitude59 conference), where all the startups from the current batch had the perfect opportunity to pitch their awesome ideas to the crowd of investors.

Moreover, there was a banger panel discussion on #climatetech investments with:

This batch of BEAMLINE is focusing on novel materials, bioresources, agriculture and CO2 offsetting, with startups from mainly Europe, but also teams from India and US.

Ladies n’ gents, batch #2 changemakers are 🙌 and you should definitely keep an eye on them:

  • AgriEye: A true disruptor in agritech! They are developing AI-based remote sensing products for climate-smart agriculture.

  • Enzymity: Solving the plastic recycling super global problem and building a bio‑platform for true plastics circularity.

  • Fauna Smart Technologies: Fauna is developing plant immunity trackers. These help farmers comfortably reduce their (bio)pesticides use. They definitely have the potential to become a status quo technology for agriculture.

  • Got Foods: Currently guys from Got Foods are for sure running to replace any other vegan milk products since they’re much more sustainable and local from a supply chain perspective plus the product was brought rapidly (6 months) to the Latvian market and now expanding actively.

  • Koffeco: Circularity, circularity & circularity! This startup is giving value to coffee waste = making products from what otherwise gets thrown away.

Our lovely, the one & only, batch #2 with our badass team Beamline! Photo: Silver Gutmann

  • MicroX: Having successfully started a blood analysis innovation, they’re now entering water analysis with the same device and a new company. A successful team with experience in building a successful startup and solving one of the world’s biggest problem.

  • NUOTWO: Panels that cut your carbon footprint, so direct air capture at your own house/office! Think about these devices at the market now (huge industrial only!) and you’ll see why NUOTWO is taking an untapped market soon!

  • SMOBYA: Vegan leather? Not only - this is a truly novel leather-like material (bacterial nanocellulose) with really great properties - with already produced bags (stuff that needs to be made with a strong material)! The true advantage is the founder’s previous connections in the fashion industry.

  • Trashify: Have you ever been confused about recycling? Well, a lot of people are. Trashify takes care of it for you, with their data-driven brain for intelligent waste management. They have a hardcore data and analytics team with all the great properties for building a world-encompassing AI startup.

  • äio tech: “Brewing” is their passion! Äio tech uses byproducts to "brew" fats & oils, designing microbes for #sustainable production of healthy food and feed ingredients!

To have a quick overview of each of the startups, check out the short video from the Latitude59 pitching competition, where our 10 stars shined brighter than ever 🌟 🌟


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