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  • Aneth Tinnus

Beamline Accelerator’s Batch #4 has started!

Our team has helped and mentored cleantech startups from 14 different countries and now we’re delighted to say this number got even bigger - we now have companies from 17 countries in our portfolio. Our new stars ⭐️ of Batch #4 are ready to rock and the traditional official Onboarding Week in Tallinn, Estonia has started the 3-month-long program!

Batch #4 startups with team Beamline & mentors @ Startup-Mentor Matchmaking Night

This batch, like the previous one, is with broad cleantech innovation topics, so we have companies from smart waste collection and carbon capture to ESG reports’ validation. Meet our startups from Batch #4:

🌿 WinGo Deposit (Latvia) - An AI-enhanced tech company that helps collect more trash to recycle. WinGo is also collecting vapes - keeping nature free of vape batteries and microplastics is finally easy! WinGo’s technology is the only one that can collect and sort damaged, flattened objects.

🌿 Sustainability Page (Japan-Estonia) - AI-powered sustainability management platform for small businesses. They showcase, validate and develop your sustainability efforts from a single page.

🌿 ExSeed (Bulgaria) - Develops technology for the extraction of sunflower protein isolate. ExSeed’s technology manages to extract optimal quantities of sunflower protein isolate from the by-products of sunflower oil production.

🌿 Solumar (Bulgaria-United Arab Emirates) - The most cost-efficient solutions for direct Air, Gas, and Carbon emissions removal and compliance with Agenda 2050. Solumar's unit allows customers to retrieve precious materials such as Black Carbon, CO2, metal flakes, etc. from the emissions and re-sell/re-use them as a byproduct, generating shared revenue with the customer.

🌿 Futugrid (Estonia) - Futugrid develops smart devices and a platform to make your energy use to support a stable grid. Futugrid connects the devices of tens of thousands of households to intelligent software and has the ability to turn off certain electrical devices for a short critical time.

🌿 Cyan Reef (the Netherlands) - The platform offers impact investing and governance services, enabling users to manage their wealth and allocate investments in impact-generating assets in accordance with environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) principles.

Onboarding Week with this batch is now done:

  • we visited Estonia’s Cleantech Demo Centre & learnt about the Estonian Cleantech scene,

  • were hosted by 🤘 Estonian cleantech companies Gelatex and Skeleton Technologies,

  • had a great tour @ Zero Waste Shop in Tallinn,

  • mingled and networked @ Startup-Mentor Matchmaking Night,

  • finally had a two-day AI Hackathon.

Now it is time to move on with the online program with fruitful workshops on every possible topic needed for a startup and mentoring sessions with a personalized approach to each startup! Our Batch #4 will be onsite in Estonia again during the greenest week of the year, on November 13-17, when @ Cleantech Forum and NEXPO are held in Tallinn.

Welcome to Beamline Accelerator, visionary founders from Europe and Japan! We now take good care to use our skills and community to maximize the chance of the startups to become success stories 🦄, both for our investors and the planet! 🌍

Beamline Accelerator is the factory of cleantech from the land of the unicorns we offer. We invest and offer a tailor-made approach to each startup, delivering services and networks to fuel organic growth.


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